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Centre for NEMS and Nanophotonics (CNNP)

The Centre for Nanoelectromechanical Systems and Nanophotonics (CNNP) is the micro/nano fabrication facility for advanced electronic devices, MEMS, and photonics at IIT Madras. It was established by Govt of India in 2011. The CNNP involves around 30 core faculty members from several departments across the institute and caters to researchers from IIT Madras as well as outside.

The objectives of CNNP are

  1. Pursue cutting edge research and development
  2. Manpower development
  3. Developing socially relevant systems in health, food safety and communication sectors
  4. Realizing developed devices into products
  5. Undertaking projects for government agencies, e.g. DRDO and ISRO

The Centre has 5000 sq ft of Clean Room space and several sophisticated process and characterization equipment. Research at CNNP involves both technology development and modeling, and in the areas of silicon photonics, biosensors, RF and optical MEMS, GaN HEMT, organic electronics, diffractive optical elements, ultrasonic nanoscopy, microfluidics etc.

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