Welcome to INUP-i2i



INUP-i2i envisions the following new dimensions to training and research facilitation.

  • Firstly, a large fraction of familiarization workshops will be conducted in the virtual mode; this mix will balance the need for wider outreach with the often-inspiring effect of personal interaction.
  • Secondly, as per the NEP-2020, hands-on training will see substantial use of digital content prepared under the aegis of INUP-i2i. One common training certificate (bearing name of all six institutions and MeitY), duly signed by all participating agencies and MeitY would be provided to all participants.
  • Thirdly, each of the aforementioned six institutes will act as a hub, with a network of collaborating institutes around it (typically in the same region and/or other under-served regions). We note that the broad and deep institute-to-institute collaboration envisaged here goes beyond the research facilitation of the past through INUP.

National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF):

  • The Standalone NOSs on Nanotechnology (Foundation & Advanced program) have been successfully approved in the NSQC Meeting by NCVET in Feb 2023. The Qualification Files and Model Curriculums for both programs have been uploaded on the NQR Portal. Below are the links:

  • The certificate template has been finalized for both training programs in the 30th NSQC Meeting in June 2023. Attached is the certificate template.
  • Students can now seamlessly transfer the credits that they get after attending these trainings [Level 1: 2 credits; Level 2: 3 credits]. As per the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC), there is now a seamless integration of skills and experiences which can be converted into a Credit-based system. Please find the link for the same: https://www.abc.gov.in/